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How the LPI Certified Solution Partner program works

Are you a systems developer or a solution provider who wants to show your know-how in the Linux field and to find new customers in that market? With LPI's new partner program, you can rise up above your competitors, and potential customers will recognise you more easily. The "LPI Certified Solution Provider" ("LPI CSP") is the right partner program for all companies that are involved in the Linux business. You will gain a competitive edge from many benefits, such as marketing and advertising campaigns, or from the new LPI online platform at, where potential clients can find you quickly and easily. In the same manner, you can use your designation as an "LPI Approved Partner", or better yet, as an "LPI Approved Gold Partner", to more successfully take part in tenders. Become an important part of one the largest open source projects in the world and sign up today as a new partner.

The three levels of the program

The entry level: "LPI Partner"
The program's entry level has been designed so that you and your company can become an "LPI Partner" at a basic level, even when you cannot yet provide any references and your employees are not yet certified by LPI, but they already actively work in the Linux market. In order to be distinguished at the next two levels, you must be able to provide proof of your quality in the Linux business at each level.

The second level: "LPI Approved Partner"
You must provide at least one customer reference and employ at least two LPI-certified staff members to become an "LPI Approved Partner", the second level.

The third level: "LPI Approved Gold Partner"
You must provide at least two customer references to become an "LPI Approved Gold Partner", the third and highest level. In addition, at least three of your staff members must be LPIC-1-certified and one must be LPIC-2-certified.

Provisional status for the "LPI Approved Partner" and
"LPI Approved Gold Partner" levels

Even if you do not fulfil all of the requirements for the "LPI Approved Partner" level or the "LPI Approved Gold Partner" level, we make it possible for you to enter these levels for a limited time. The certifications and references that are required for the level in which your status is "Provisional" must be provided within one year after concluding the CSP agreement. During this time, your company is shown on the web site as an  "LPI Approved Partner Provisional" or an "LPI Approved Gold Partner Provisional". 

The LPI CSP ranking list
Your work is rewarded in the LPI CSP program. As you provide more customer references and you develop the skill-level of your staff members (as reflected in the number and degree of LPI certifications), your company moves higher up on the LPI CSP ranking list. Base points are awarded for the "LPI Approved Partner" level and the "LPI Approved Gold Partner" level, as well as their related "Pending" statuses. The LPI CSP partner agreement includes detailed information about how these points are awarded. You can open and download the agreement lower on this page.

The partner fees
An annual fee is assessed for participating in the LPI CSP program. The amount of the fee depends upon the partner level: 100 EUR for "LPI Partner", 375 EUR for "LPI Approved Partner" and "LPI Approved Partner Pending", and 750 EUR for "LPI Approved Gold Partner" and "LPI Approved Gold Partner Pending". The prices shown do not include VAT. These figures are current as of 13 May 2008.

This is how you become an LPI CSP

1. Fill in the form found under the "New Partner" menu item as completely as possible and send it off. You will then receive an e-mail which you must use to confirm the information you have provided.

2. Download the LPI CSP partner agreement as a PDF file here:

Print out the agreement and fill it in completely, selecting the LPI CSP level at which you would like to enter the program. Fax the agreement to us at fax no. +49 (0)561 8070020, or mail it to us at:   LPI Central Europe, Open Source Certification GmbH, Karthäuserstrasse 8, 34117 Kassel, Germany.

3. We will send you an invoice for your partner fee once we have received your completed partner agreement. Once we have received payment for this invoice and any additional conditions for your partnership at the "LPI Approved Partner" or the "LPI Approved Gold Partner" levels have been fulfilled, you will be approved as a new LPI CSP. From that point on, potential customers can then contact you from the LPI CSP Internet platform, and you can use the partner designation, including the logo, for your purposes.

4. During the time before you are approved, you must use your Internet account to list your references and your LPI certified staff members for the "LPI Approved Partner" and "LPI Approved Gold Partner" levels on the platform at The references must be confirmed via e-mail by the responsible staff member at the company you are listing as a reference. The LPI certification must be confirmed via e-mail by each of the staff members who possess the certification.